"We are committed to helping you grow in grace-filled, daily discipline! The habit of a Quiet Time looks different in every season, and we hope that these articles will encourage you to just keep going by the grace of Jesus!"

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By: Carley Fischer

In the hustle and bustle of culture today we have become extremely independent people. Independence is powerful but we can isolate ourselves and others as we grow in it. It’s important that as Christians we devote ourselves to compassion and show love to others. That can become difficult when we are spending so much time on our own self development. Here are five easy ways to step outside yourself and show kindness to others:

Eye Contact

Look people in the eye. Be present and show them you are there.

Active Listening

When you ask someone “How are you?” actually listen AND remember the response.

Say Hello and Smile

It takes five seconds to greet someone and spread a little positivity in their day.

Take Time

Ignore your planner and YOUR schedule and take time with a friend when they need it.

Pray for Others

How much time do we spend asking God for things in our life? What about praying for the strangers you pass by on a daily basis?

Jesus walked a walk of extreme compassion and selflessness to set the tone for how we can conduct our own lives. It’s not going to be easy for our worldly selves but we can start small and lean on some BIG help from our Savior.

Carley Fischer is a 1st Grade teacher living in Jacksonville, Florida. One day, she hopes to use her teaching experience to write curriculum for children’s ministry at her local church. Carley enjoys spending her free time biking around the beach area, in coffee shops, in yoga class, or with family and friends. Her ideal quiet time is a quiet spot outside with her Bible and a cup of coffee.


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