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By: Sarah Abreu

Jesus came to tear down the wall between us and our Creator. He came that we would have life and have it abundantly (John 10:10). I can think of plenty of conversations I’ve had with my best friends, whether it was late at night, or during a sleepover; convos that had me waiting to hear more. The stories that were never told before, the opinions that a lot of people didn’t know I held, but we trusted each other so much that expressing such thoughts was not difficult, but rather liberating. I loved those conversations; finally expressing myself without boundaries, without fear of judgment. Our conversations with God should be such conversations: replacing empty prayers, filling our quiet time with awe and wonder that we sit before the King of Kings and He talks with us. 

What conversations are you having with your One True Friend? 

The word prayer is somewhat religious. You could be praying to Jesus or you could be praying to a thousand different other gods, but the difference between my Jesus and those other gods is that my prayers to Him are conversations. Yes, there are times of supplication and desperate requests in times of need, but those are not the only times I pray. If I would only pray to God when I needed something, I would be denying his design for our relationship. 

Jesus came so that I would be His friend (John 15:15). Friends do not only speak when they need favors, they speak often, for fun, for the simple desire of fellowship and company. That is what Jesus died for, a true intimate friendship. He died so that I could be a word away from peace and comfort. A word away from true love. 

Prayer is not asked of us as a religious ritual, but as an act of fellowship, as a measure to strengthen our relationship with Jesus. 

Conversations take us deeper, they challenge our thinking, they allow us to come into agreement with the other party when things are explained thoroughly. This is why we cannot have deep meaningful relationships without conversations. What a wonderful Savior we have who doesn’t ask for a religious regular prayer every day, but wants to converse with us. He is interested in our longings and desires, He wants to tell us what He thinks about our decisions, He wants to instill peace into our hearts. Jesus wants to hear your cries, He wants to see you become dependent on Him in every area of your life. 

Can you imagine a marriage without conversation? How could you learn to love someone without getting to know what they’re about? How can we get closer to God and what He desires from us without engaging in conversation with Him? Your quiet times with Jesus should sometimes look like a messy conversation. Sometimes we need to cry, sometimes we need to just sit there and allow Him to comfort us. He is worthy of our time and attention. There is none like Him. 

One thing this isolation time has showed me is how much we long for human interaction. God designed it that way. He designed our friendships and marriages for conversation because He wanted to paint a physical picture for us of what our spiritual relationship with Him should look like. 

Conversations with Jesus leave us refreshed, they give us identity, more than just peace and comfort these conversations equip us for the current season we are in and seasons yet to come. A lack of conversation with God results in a heart that longs for a personal encounter. It is a wonderful thing to know and believe that Jesus wants to show up in our lives every day and the only way to see His hand over our lives is to be in constant conversation with Him. 

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 

Sometimes you won’t have the time for your quiet time, but you can still converse with Him throughout your day. Jesus isn’t constrained to a prayer closet, His Spirit lives in you so you can call upon His name anytime, anywhere and there He will be with you! 

I pray you have a deep conversation with the King today, I pray He completes the work He began in your heart and refines your seasons, your thoughts, your actions through conversations with Him! 

Sarah lives in sunny South Florida in the suburbs of Hollywood. She is the youth director at her church for middle school and high school students. Her heart cries out for others to experience the peace and comfort she has found in the Lord. Sarah loves going to the beach and the park as well as reading Jesus-centered books and dancing to worship music. 


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