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By: Rachel Frazier

Let me paint you a quick picture. You’re browsing TJMaxx and you come across the cutest notebook. The cover is not only cute and subtle, but it has that perfect medium-to-thin margin between lines for all your thoughts. You buy it and just know you’re going to fill it within the year. Fast-forward a couple weeks and three of your sweet friends all give you notebooks for your birthday. Before you know it, it’s Christmas time and your first notebook (you know, the cute, subtle one) has been collecting dust on your nightstand. 

I’ve been there before and I’m pretty positive that you’ve been there too. Instead of dreading those empty notebooks, I’m going to help you find ways to fill those notebooks to the glory of God, while growing in your faith. Let’s talk about ways to use and fill your journal for your quiet time. 

Answering Questions or Filling in Prompts 

If you’re not a journal-er, this is something that will help you as you try to fill your journal with honest words. Start with writing a question or prompt at the top of your paper, and then answer the question or fill in your prompt. Write as if you were giving a TED talk on that subject the next day, or as if no one was ever going to read it. (Because most likely no one will!) You can simply Pinterest a prompt, but here are a couple good ones to start off with:  
– “What situation, thing, person, or role am I placing my identity in instead of God?” 
– I am honoring God when I choose ____ over ____”;  
– “What attribute of God am I most thankful for today & how can I show others that same attribute in me?” 

As you can tell, there are so many prompts, fill-in-the-blanks, and questions we can ask that will point us to Jesus. 


I have no problem writing all over my Bible, circling, highlighting, asking, writing “lol”… I really put EVERYTHING I think all over the pages of my Bible. However, some of my friends use their notebooks and I love this idea. If you are uncomfortable writing in your bible, or if you don’t have an adequate amount of margin space for what you want to say or write, using your notebook to help you annotate is such an easy and awesome way to assist you in reading and breaking down God’s word. 


With technology, it’s easier now more than ever for us to become lax when memorizing God’s word. A key part of memorization is repetition. So if you have a verse, phrase, or really anything you want to remember, use your notebook to help you write down and memorize God’s promises. 


I get can get SO distracted when I pray. My phone goes off, my husband walks in and asks a question, or my mind just starts to wander. I’ve recently begun journaling my prayers which has really helped me focus on talking to God. By sitting and taking the time to come before Him to write your fears, worries and requests, I truly believe that in-turn He will use that time to help you work through certain emotions, speak to you in new ways, and give you direction. 

If you do have a notebook and you don’t know where to start, start simple. Don’t let your nightstand collect notebooks, let your notebooks collect and be filled with your words about and towards your Heavenly Father. Your notebooks don’t have to be a daunting task on your to-do list, they can be a valuable resource to help you grow as a Christ-follower. 

Rachel has the joy of serving full-time as the Middle School Girls Associate at Sevier Heights Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee. She is a newlywed and adores her hilarious and Jesus-loving husband. When she’s not hanging with students, you can catch her connecting with others over an iced matcha latte, hosting a game night, or finishing a new project in her home. 


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