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By: Carley Fischer

Have you ever spent time with a friend fresh from a worship conference? Have you ever left church on a particular Sunday feeling especially convicted and called to action? Have you seen, felt, or heard the buzz from yourself or others that comes when one is excited about their faith? It is a big, noticeable energy.  Some people refer to this as faith on fire. What does it really mean to “be on fire” for faith and why is it something we tend to experience as a temporary high?   

Jeremiah says it best; “His word burns in my heart like a fire. It’s like a fire in my bones! I am worn out trying to hold it in! I can’t do it!” 

Jesus is not a feeling. He is an all-powerful Savior who desires to be known by us.  Our walk with Him does not need to consist of high “fire” moments and the mundane normal. 

We can live a life on fire for faith always. Christ’s victory is just as life-changing today as it was at that worship conference or last Sunday in church.   

Here are some ways we can center ourselves on our great hope and energize our faith daily: 

1) Spend time in the word:  
This was a given. Jeremiah even said it himself. The Word of the Lord will burn bright in your heart and change your ways when you spend time in it. A daily Quiet Time with scripture can alter your actions and your general demeanor. It is thrilling to draw closer to Jesus and see His Word play out in your daily life. 

2) Take a nature walk: 

Think about the sunrise, the ocean, the mountains, even the flowers in your own backyard. God knows and designs every intricate detail of the world around us. It is hard to look at His creation and not feel awe. 

3) Really Pray 

On an average day I probably spend about two minutes in prayer with the Lord. I know other friends who have struggled to build up their prayer life as well. When I do pray, it’s stiff, impersonal, and quick. We are called to pray without ceasing. I believe that with constant communication with the Lord our faith in Him will be consistently fueled. Raw, authentic, prayerful conversations with the Lord allow us to lean into Him more and strengthen our walk.   

4) Study the Bible with a friend: 

Community Bible reading can open your eyes to pieces of scripture and aspects of Christ that you would not have noticed otherwise. Choose a book of the Bible and read a chapter a week or so with a friend. Call them or Skype them and unpack what you have read.   

5) Listen to your Favorite Worship Song: 
Do this one loudly. I’m “that” girl at a stoplight, windows rolled down, blaring praise music, and singing along at the top of my lungs (not well). This is a ritual for me on the way to work. Shouting out God’s promises before my day begins activates that fire in my heart and influences my perspective throughout the day. 

Ultimately, the fire is already there. If you have Jesus in your heart He is working and burning for you constantly. All that is required of you is to open your hands to Him, dwell with Him, and allow Him to build you in your faith.

Carley Fischer is a 1st Grade teacher living in Jacksonville, Florida. One day, she hopes to use her teaching experience to write curriculum for children’s ministry at her local church. Carley enjoys spending her free time biking around the beach area, in coffee shops, in yoga class, or with family and friends. Her ideal quiet time is a quiet spot outside with her Bible and a cup of coffee.


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