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By: Christi Grimm

The voices of life never cease. They are forever beckoning me to their every story, request, encouragement, or accusation. So many voices; eight of them in my home alone.  With 6 children, a husband, myself, a dog, and a cat, voices of some form are always in use – sometimes harmonious, sometimes clamorous. Beautiful voices, child-like voices, my voice, His Voice, and the Accuser’s voice.   

With so many vying for my attention, how am I to choose which ones to listen to? In the physical realm, it’s rather simple: “Please take a number and get in line!” However, what do we do with the others: the voice of Satan, Self, and Savior?  The ones unspoken in the physical realm, yet spoken so clearly in the spiritual and mental realm. How do we determine which one is which?  I must learn this if I want an intimate relationship with my Savior. As I learn the sound and speech of these three voices, God’s Voice – the Triumphant One – affords me the ability to say “no!” to the Accuser’s voice…and sometimes my voice too. 

The Accuser:  the masterful deceiver, schemer, liar, and slave-driver. His voice is ever so slick, telling a bit of truth to pull you in.  Ultimately, it will keep you in bondage, perhaps even causing you to believe that what you’ve been fed is healthy and holy. His voice brings condemnation, confusion, “finger pointing,” and keeps you walking in circles with unresolved anger until bitterness takes root. It may sound something like this: “If you were really saved, you wouldn’t keep struggling like that. You are no different than you ever were.”  

Perhaps it’s a legalistic thought: “I’ve got this figured out! I’m doing better than her!  Look how much I read the Bible and teach and serve and go to church and….”  

How about this one? “Look at what he did to you! Remember the time he did this…and that… You have every right to treat him how he treated you. Don’t forgive him – he doesn’t deserve it. And definitely DO NOT walk through your anger – it protects you from getting hurt again.”  

Satan is clever and will speak your personal language.  If you struggle with being performance driven, that is where he will attack. If you struggle with self-pity, that is where he will hone in. Know your weaknesses; it is imperative to recognizing and casting out Satan’s voice. 

My voice:  The most familiar voice we know, having heard it since we could utter a sound.  It is commonly concerned with self-preservation and sometimes wants to make ME become more important while others diminish in value. MY voice will always express my desires, my wants, and my comforts. While my voice does warrant listening to, as it is the tool used to express my heart, it also needs to be kept in its proper position, allowing the Voice of the Eternal One to commune with what my heart (my voice) is saying.  As I submit my heart (voice) to God, He will confirm desires that He has placed in me versus desires simply for selfish gain. He will show me where I am becoming more, instead of Him becoming more. As I converse with my Heavenly Father, submitting my desires to Him, my voice will gain more and more of HIS attributes. 

God’s Voice: Imagine yourself walking along a river in the mountains. You hear the crinkle of leaves underfoot, birds chirping in trees, and heavy breathing of a fast-paced hike. Your eye then catches a glimpse of the river water and you begin to notice the sounds of this gentle language the river seems to be speaking.  You notice the water gliding over rocks, the splash as it tumbles down the slope, and the fallen limbs knocking against the shoreline.  Before focusing on these sounds, you didn’t notice them.  Yet, they were always there.  The river was always flowing but you had to intentionally focus on it to hear it.  God’s Voice is the same.  He is always speaking, yet we must quiet the other voices and focus on His if we want to hear it.   

Scripture describes His Voice in many ways: as a gentle whisper, a rushing wind, and like the roaring of many waters, to name a few.  John tells us that His sheep respond as they hear His Voice- (John 10:27). He also states in John 7:38-39 that we can come to Him and “rivers of living water will flow from within you.” He was “referring to the realities of life in the Spirit.”  If that is the case, then I can rest assured that as a daughter of God, I can hear His Voice! It is quiet, gentle, soft, yet loud.  It draws, beckons, and whispers to me- all while booming loudly in my spirit. It may sound like this: “Christi, it breaks my heart when you lose your temper with your children. Come to Me, let me show you how to love them. I want you to see them how I see them.” His Voice always speaks Truth. It sometimes makes me uncomfortable to hear this depth of truth, yet I know its unwavering sound. His Voice lines up with scripture, using the principles Jesus lived by as examples and bringing scripture to mind to reflect and meditate on.  His speech encourages me, even in the midst of correction, causing a profound repentance to wash over me as He moves in my spirit.  His Voice speaks to the heart first causing transformation to occur inwardly. God’s Voice is steady, secure, strong, and safe. It can be trusted and leaned upon. Without His Voice, we are wandering sheep without a shepherd. 

As we commune with the Lord, let us take time to discern the Voice of God in our everyday lives. When we exercise our spiritual ears, we will become attuned to the sound and speech of our Savior’s Voice. Sifting all that we hear through the filter of God’s Voice, we will develop a keen sense of His Gentle Whisper. 

Christi is a fifth generation Florida girl who loves the sand, the sea, and the sunshine! When she is not busy mothering her 6 children, she enjoys her garden, traveling, experiencing new cultures, and indulging in warm chocolate chip cookies while reading a good book or journaling. Christi is passionate about bringing women alongside her into a life of freedom in Christ, and does so by leading Beauty for Ashes Women’s Retreats. 


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  1. Angie Holm says:

    Wonderful Christi,
    Always speaks to my heart. How do
    you do it
    Love you


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