"We are committed to helping you grow in grace-filled, daily discipline! The habit of a Quiet Time looks different in every season, and we hope that these articles will encourage you to just keep going by the grace of Jesus!"

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The most important part of my day is the time I spend with Jesus.

It is during this time that I get to examine my heart, be reminded of ultimate truth, and grow in my relationship with the One who matters most.

I started having a consistent quiet time in my early teens, and since then the form of my routine has stayed pretty much the same! While Bible reading and prayer are the two essentials to having a quiet time, there are many other elements that can be added to enrich your daily pursuit of Jesus. If you aren’t sure where to begin in having your own quiet time, then I hope getting a peek into mine will give you some helpful ideas!

My quiet times happen first thing in the morning, right after I’ve made myself coffee and lit my favorite candle. Once I get all cozy and set up in my favorite spot, I grab my Bible, my Quiet Time Companion, my glasses, and whatever Christ-centered book I’m reading at the time. Then I’m ready to dive in!

First things first, I check to see what I’m reading in Scripture that day using the Bible reading plans in the Quiet Time Companion. Then I turn to the Quiet Time tab and plug in the information at the top. After that, I take 15 minutes or so to journal.

Journaling is something I’ve done for years, and now my day feels incomplete without it! I typically journal the events of the previous day, how I’m feeling, things I’m struggling through, and future hopes I’m excited about. Once I’m done journaling, I take the next 15 minutes to read a book.

I’ve always found that reading a Christ-centered book before opening God’s Word helps warm my mind up for Scripture. I typically read a few pages up to a full chapter depending on how difficult the reading is. (Currently I am reading through my friend, Heather Cofer’s beautiful book about pregnancy called Expectant!)

Once I’m done reading my book, I turn to Scripture. I try to take notes and underline things that stand out to me, and the process takes me 15 to 30 minutes depending on how much I have to read that day. I especially try to have an open heart for hearing the Holy Spirit while reading the Word, since I truly believe the Bible is living and active, ready at any moment to cut to the quick and work eternal change.

After I read from my Bible, I turn to the next page in my Quiet Time Companion and write down a few things I’m feeling thankful for. This helps put my heart immediately into an attitude of gratitude! Then I take 10 to 15 minutes to pray. Typically I write down a list and then pray out loud through it, but lately I have been using the prayer box in the QTC to write out a full length prayer. I’ve found that this helps me stay more focused during the physically demanding season of pregnancy.

After that it’s time for one final note! I use the last box on the page to write down one thing I want to remember that day. Typically I write down a verse, and sometimes I write down a quote from the book I’m reading. After that, I get going on the rest of my day!

I hope this glimpse into my daily routine has given you some ideas for your own! Having a quiet time is a way we get to regularly enjoy a relationship with Jesus, and my prayer for each of us is that we would grow in this grace-filled, daily discipline.


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