"We are committed to helping you grow in grace-filled, daily discipline! The habit of a Quiet Time looks different in every season, and we hope that these articles will encourage you to just keep going by the grace of Jesus!"

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There is nothing quite like getting that Quiet Time Companion package delivered to your door! I personally LOVE the feel of a brand new planner, along with the smell of the paper, and the thrilling moment I get to write my name on the first page! However, the setting up process from there can often feel a little overwhelming. You’ve invested in this tool, but now what? 

This blog post is all about how to set up and use your Quiet Time Companion to its fullest potential! So whether you are new to using a QTC or have been around here for a while, I hope these tips and tricks will be helpful as you prepare for a brand new year of using a Quiet Time Companion. 

  • Write your name and information on the front page 

Nothing complicated here! Time to celebrate the start of a new planner!

  • Read the instructions carefully on pages 4-5

If you’re confused about how to use any section of your QTC, then these instructions will help a LOT! So take some time to read through them.

  • Prayerfully plan out your quiet time on page 6

Settle down and pray through what your quiet time should look like this year. Where will it take place? At what time during the day? What tools will you use? How many days a week will you try to make it happen? Write down any and all thoughts.

  • How to use the table of contents

This index is here to provide a quick look at your memories when you open up your QTC in the future! Fill it in as you journal throughout the year, making note of significant thoughts or events that took place, and writing down the page number here in the table of contents.

  • Plug in the important dates you want to remember this year

I personally use this space to write down birthdays, anniversaries, and other significant dates that I don’t want to forget! (Tip: Use Facebook to find your friends’ birthdays!)

  • Take some time to think through the Hospitality and Giving pages

These pages can be filled out over the course of time, but if you have any immediate plans for hosting, or are currently giving to someone on a regular basis, use these pages to record it! 

  • Choose a few verses to memorize over the next few months

You can use these memorization boxes in one of two ways! Either choose one verse for each box, or choose a theme and then write down several references! Again, this can be something you revisit over time. 

  • Choose a Bible reading plan

You definitely want to choose a reading plan before starting your quiet time routine! Having a plan eliminates the stress of choosing what you’ll read every day, which will make having a quiet time habit even easier. Take a highlighter and highlight the reading plan you’ll be using. Then just cross off as you go!

  • Write down your prayer lists

These lists can be used in a variety of ways. You can dedicated the boxes to themes, days of the week, or even individual people with multiple things to pray for! I personally have a list for each day of the week. This helps me know what to pray for every day. Then the extra lists are dedicated to specific themes or people. 

  • Plug in any recent prayer requests given to you by your friends

Do you remember the last time you said, “I’ll pray for you”? Make sure you don’t forget to ACTUALLY pray! Use the Prayers & Praises boxes to write down specifically who and what you will be praying for. Revisit these pages often so you can follow up with the person who asked you to pray in the first place! And be sure to record when God provides an answer. 

  • Remember to bring your QTC to church

Use the Sermon Notes section to help you stay focused during Sunday morning! Start by writing down the date, title, and page in the index, and then start note-taking when the teaching begins.

  • Start having your daily quiet time!

The last section requires no set-up, just consistent use! I personally use the first page for journaling (though you can also use it for Bible study notes) and then I use the prayer box to either create a detailed list or write out a full-length prayer. Finally, use the Remember box to practice your Scripture memorization, or simply write down something you don’t want to forget as you go about your day.

I couldn’t be more excited for you to get started on your new Quiet Time Companion! May the Lord bless your efforts to spend time in His Word and seek His face with your whole heart.


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