"We are committed to helping you grow in grace-filled, daily discipline! The habit of a Quiet Time looks different in every season, and we hope that these articles will encourage you to just keep going by the grace of Jesus!"

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Read on to see what our writers prayer for in 2020 and what they’re praying for in 2021!

Katie Stone

The Lord was so faithful in the middle of all the challenges this last year brought us! I saw God answer prayers for so many individual people in my life, He opened the door for me to begin a new job, and I had the opportunity to visit Bible school friends even though the traveling restrictions made it feel impossible and changed my plans many times. That’s just a small sample of the Lord’s abundant goodness and faithfulness over the past 12 months! For 2021, I’m praying for God’s wisdom, guidance, boldness, and joy. I feel the weight of so much uncertainty as we enter this year and my desire is to be faithful in each step the Lord leads me into.

Erica Hunt

Last spring when my school was closed due to COVID-19, I spent time walking around my neighborhood. As I walked, I prayed for several things, but one thing that I was intentional to pray about was the students that would be in my classroom in the fall. I was praying that God would change and work in their hearts with somewhat selfish motivations. But through the challenges of the school year  I have seen God working on my own heart how to better love and serve my students, and through that he is answering my prayers for their growth as well.

Christi Grimm

I think we all know 2020 has been a doozy of a year. Sometimes it is hard to even think about what prayers were answered! But what a much needed exercise to practice….

Looking back over my journals from this year, I can clearly see that God has definitely been answering my prayer for focus and direction.  It certainly hasn’t felt like it in the day-to-day activities, but looking back, I can see how He has been faithful to answer and I can see His hand it all.  So, my prayers for 2021 will be an extension of 2020:  continued direction and clarity as well as for faith to rise up in me to carry me through to all that He has in store for myself and my family.  My prayer is that He would bring it all together and it would culminate in His remarkable plan for our lives.

Vanessa Bonilla

For 2020 I asked the Lord to provide the means for us to get a new roof. For the last five years we have been putting out buckets every time there was heavy rain and snow. I asked the Lord to direct our steps in getting it done and he answered. He provided an excellent company who went above and beyond for us and didn’t get charged nearly as much as all the other companies had quoted. We saw God through the entire experience and we thank God so much for His answer to prayer. In 2021 we are looking to start a small business and asking to Lord to direct our steps.

Jordan Sparnroft

The biggest answer to prayer this year was the success of my 3-year-old daughter’s spinal fusion surgery. The way God provided for us through friendships, generosity, and prayers of friends and strangers alike was beyond anything we could have dreamed. He truly did abundantly more than we could have asked or thought for ourselves. I do not recall asking God for a Biblical community or friendships this year but evidently the Holy Spirit was interceding on my behalf. God has blessed me immensely this past year by placing beautiful women who love Jesus into my life. As I made my list of things I would be praying for this year, they all had a common theme; faithful and obedient stewardship of all the people and things seen and unseen that God has graciously given me. This year, I refuse to be the manager in the parable that did not invest what his supervisor had given him and instead buried it. 

Grace McCready

Honestly, becoming a regular writer for Wholehearted Quiet Time was an answer to prayer in 2020. I wanted this opportunity so badly, and God provided! He also provided growth and closeness in both old and new friendships this year. For 2021, I have so many prayer requests! I’m praying that God will show me I am wanted by Him, that He will show me the truth about my sin, that He will satisfy my desire for a boyfriend, and that He will open doors for my writing.  

Emily Miller

I prayed for a “No Fear Year” at the beginning of 2020 after realizing how central fear had become in my life. I had hoped for an easing of circumstances as I first prayed this prayer, instead, God made 2020 very intense (for me and everyone!) and then conquered my fears with His near Presence more than ever before.

Nicole Lisa Schrader

My daughter and son-in-law had their baby boy in April of 2020—our first grandchild. He’s an answer to the prayers of both families and a gift from God. We will always remember the challenges of 2020 mixed with the wonderful JOY of his birth and first eight months. God is good. My youngest daughter is going overseas as a missionary in January. The Covid virus derailed her plan to enter Africa last fall. It was a unexpected blessing to have her home for the holidays and we are very thankful for our time together. Our prayers in 2021 are for her transition to life serving in a new country and God’s hand of protection over her as she walks in faithful obedience. Please lift her up in prayer with us. 

Marissa Hochstedler

I have been praying for years that a close friend would come to know Jesus. In 2020, this prayer was answered! This specific prayer has filled me with so much faith, awe and wonder for our God. 

In 2021, I hope to pray that I will live my life with more awareness of the joy that Jesus gives me daily. 2020 was a difficult year for (probably) everyone in various ways. Personally, I noticed that I was more stressed, worried, and fearful than normal. As I have been reflecting on this past year, I have been reminded that Jesus doesn’t want me to live in fear or anxiety. No matter what may come, I want to choose to live joyfully because Jesus loves me. 

Tiffany Joy Layton

While 2020 was not the best year for a lot of people, there was a lot of good and growth that came out of it for me. I was able to develop an even stronger Quiet Time which had been a goal and prayer of mine for a long time. My husband and I became more financially stable after facing years of financial hardship. And my long time dream and prayer to be able to write more was finally answered when I was given the opportunity to write for Wholehearted! Not to mention there are a few restored friendships and even a rekindle one right at the perfect time in my life. God has been so good to me. As I pray about this next year ahead in 2021, I’m going to be very transparent and vulnerable with you all. This particular prayer I typically keep to myself. However, I’m ready for God to move on my behalf so I will include my fellow believers. I am praying the Lord will allow me to conceive. We’ve tried for four years now. And I know my God is faithful and good to me regardless of the outcome. 


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