When Wholehearted was just a dream, we knew we wanted to create a space where women could not only grow, but connect! It's easy to forget in an online world that REAL relationships are vital to a healthy Christian walk. This is why we encourage all of our community members to fellowship regularly in person with their sisters-in-Christ. We have also made a weekly commitment to pray for anyone who submits a prayer request. We hope that this will remind you that you are SO MUCH MORE than just a number on a screen to us! After all, as daughters of God, we will be spending eternity together in the presence of Jesus. We will strive to be faithful in ministry, but only God can actively work change in your life! This is why we pray.

We need each other

our community vision

Every so often we organize a community event for Wholehearted! From our annual Bible Study Boot Camp to occasional days of community fasting, we believe that striving together towards spiritual growth is KEY in our ministry. Lord-willing we will be able to create real life events in the future, such as a Wholehearted conference or prayer retreat, but for now we are enjoying every opportunity to get to know you through online events and social media fellowship.  

Community Events

When we first launched Wholehearted, we wanted to create a way for you to include worship in your time with Jesus! However, we decided to be incredibly picky with the songs we selected. Since the music we listen to on a regular basis can get deeply rooted in our hearts, we wanted to create a playlist that you could trust. Our Wholehearted Worship only chooses songs that contain lyrical depth, trustworthy artists, and a God-centered mindset instead of a me-centered one. Join us over on Spotify and be sure to send us song suggestions when you have any! 

The easiest way to connect with other members of our community is to join our private page on Facebook! This is where you can post comments, ask questions, and get to know our many Wholehearted Women across the country. We recommend using this page as a way to have honest conversations and catch glimpses into each other's spiritual lives. So go ahead and get started!  Just head over to Facebook and request to join! We are thrilled to have you!