e are passionate about spending time with Jesus. As followers of Christ living in an age of lukewarm faith and constant distraction, we believe that every Christian desperately needs daily time with Jesus! That's why we created the Quiet Time Companion. Discipline is hard, and with all the other to-do items in your life, spending time with Jesus can seem like just another obligation. The QTC was designed to help motivate, encourage, and inspire you to get beyond the motions and into the presence of Jesus Himself! Time spent with Him is never ever wasted.

The quiet time companion


This carefully crafted book was designed by a group of Jesus-loving gals who desire to stay organized and consistent with our daily quiet time! It contains several sections for everything from sermon notes to prayer lists to planning out spiritual goals.

There are various pages set aside for goals, hospitality, giving, Scripture memorization, and more! Bible Reading Plans are included, a space for Prayer Lists, a Prayer Requests and Praises recorder, Sermon Notes with an Index, and a daily Quiet Time guide.

Two options are available, yellow/silver or black/gold. Both are identical on the inside!

Size: 9" x 7"
Front Pocket
Metal Corner Protectors
Total Pages: 450
Table of Contents: 2 Pages
Important Dates: 27 Entries
Goals: 2 Pages
Bible Reading Plans: Old Testament, New Testament, Wisdom Books, and Whole Bible in One Year 
Prayerful Convictions: 1 Page
Favorite Quotes: 1 Page
Hospitality Bucket List: 1 Page
Giving Opportunities: 1 Page
Scripture Memorization: 3 Pages
Prayer Lists: 24 Lists, 12 Bullets/List
Prayers & Praises: 90 Entries
Sermon Notes: 30 Pages
Quiet Time: 366 Pages / 183 Days

front pocket
metal corner protectors
size: 9" x 7"
weight: 2 lbs
total pages: 450
table of contents: 2 pages
important dates: 27 entries
goals: 2 pages
prayerful convictions: 1 page
favorite quotes: 1 page
hospitality bucket list: 1 page
giving opportunities: 1 page
scripture memorization: 3 pages
Bible reading plans: Old Testament, New Testament, Wisdom Books, and whole Bible in one year
prayer lists: 24 lists, 12 bullets/list
prayers & praises: 90 entries
sermon notes: 30 pages
quiet time: 366 pages / 183 days

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"The quiet time Companion is an excellent resource for those wanting everything in one place: devotional notes, sermon notes, and more. If you’re ready to go deeper in the word and begin taking notes - how to truly study and retain what you read - this is for you!"

Phylicia Masonheimer

The Quiet Time Companion has been so helpful to me during my daily times with God. It keeps me intentional during my quiet times. The quiet time section especially helps me eliminate distractions so I can focus on what matters most- being in God’s presence. It gives me a space to journal and process the Word as well as whatever I’m going through, plus gives me space to pray and speak some truth. I’m so grateful for this tool and the impact it has made on my time with God.

Lindsee Walker

The Quiet Time Companion is just that - my companion during my times with the Lord. Whether in the solitude of my home or at church - it goes with me. It's been fun and encouraging to see women I don't know carrying their QTC with them! it's a wonderful confirmation that the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Nicole Schrader

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