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Needed and Needy

See, I need Him like I need sleep, showers, food, and friends. I need His love, grace, joy, peace, forgiveness, and help more, the more I’m needed!Yet, motherhood often interrupts...

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Bring me low It’s there where I’m best

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Beautiful Desperation

Constant suffering will do one of two things: it will either cause one to become resentful and bitter, possibly blaming God, or it will cause a deeper desperation and faith...

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Walking with God

When we see how beautifully, deeply, and wisely Christ loves us, following him shifts from a crushing ideal that we can never live out, to a natural overflow of our...

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To the Wounded Christian Woman

The woman at the well (John 4) came to the well ashamed, yet she left healed, telling everyone she could about all the things Jesus told her. I am- you...

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Breaking Glass

Do you sense His frown? His stern disapproval building up until He lashes out at you with pent-up frustration?Do you feel His distance? His serene indifference to the pain that...

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Reading the Bible with Jesus

When I read my Bible without asking Him to come alongside me, it can be similar to that of a first grader left to their own devices to read a...

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Even My Obedience is Grace

Without the Holy Spirit of God, we would be orphans without assurance of salvation, unable to witness or speak the words of God with confidence. We would be vulnerable, weak,...

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Quiet Time is a Joy, not a Job

He loved us before we chose to serve and love Him. We didn’t start this race. He started it and finished it on our behalf! He loved us in our...

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