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10 Questions To Ask When Studying The Bible

Print this post Getting the most out of Bible study often begins with asking the right questions. When we approach Scripture with a curious and humble mindset, it takes away the pressure...

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Five Practical Ways to Express Gratitude to God

How to Cultivate a Grateful Heart By Miranda Ewing A few weeks ago, my one-year-old son ran the highest fever he’s ever had. My husband and I nervously passed our...

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A Look Inside the Quiet Time Companion

We believe that spending time with Jesus is the most important part of our day. We believe that Bible reading and prayer, with the help of the Holy Spirit, deepens...

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The Adventure of Adoption

Exploring the realities, challenges, and blessings of adoption. By Kayla Craig Parenting, like marriage, is a commitment —  a covenant between us and God, creation and Creator. I have the...

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Till Your Heart Soil

Cultivating our heart so that it is always ready and willing to say “yes” to God. By Patsy Shaw A year ago, my husband and I started our very first...

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The Worship of Poetry

A Collection of Poems   Our Foremother's Bodies By Phylicia Masonheimer I wonder if anyone noticed Priscilla’s thighs were getting dimpled as she taught Apollos and mended tents with Paul....

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Refreshing Your Soul

Practices that help us prepare for new growth. By Whitney K. Pipkin The crocuses have come and gone, the Lenten roses too. But after a hard winter, we long to...

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Living in Light of the Resurrection

By: Courtney Chambers Living in the Midwest, we experience winters filled with cold air and snow storms. Once the last leaves have fallen off the trees and the crisp air...

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Enriching Quiet Time Through Art

By Tiffany Layton There are two areas I’ve spent the majority of my life learning: the arts and quiet time with Jesus. As far back as I can remember, I...

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