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One Thing is Necessary

Busy is good but it is not best. If your schedule seems lacking and you feel guilty, before becoming frustrated or filling it with more activities from church, work, or...

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Watching in Silence

The silence of God is intriguing to consider. Because of who God is, we look to Him for guidance, answers, miracles, and provision. But because of God’s all-powerfulness, He can...

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Wholehearted Worship

The day quickly felt overwhelming, and my anxiety level was rising. This is not how I had wanted to start my week. I had envisioned a peaceful day: children behaving and...

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Quiet Time Excuses

The truth is that I will only begin to see a much-needed change in my health, once I push past the excuses and create the habits I need. The same is...

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Where Shall I Go to Meet with God?

Because God is everywhere, finding a place to meet with Him for a time of Scripture reading and prayer is not dependent on the location. But creating a consistent and...

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Going on Vacation with God

Sanctification Doesn’t Take a Holiday By Nicole Schrader  Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? (Psalm 39:7 ESV) Do you ever have “ah-ha”...

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Our Mentality About Trials Affects Everything

Including Our Quiet Times By Grace McCready As I was recovering from anorexia early on, I essentially had one mentality: “God, I hate this, so fix it.” Entitled, right? That...

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Come Thou Fount

Five Ways Having a Quiet Time Impacted My Life in 2021 By Tiffany Layton There have been seasons in my life when I’ve not had consistent quiet times. However, over...

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For the One Who's Dreading Christmas

You’re Not Alone By Grace McCready Christmas is coming, which means a lot of smiles, laughter, and general Christmas cheer. But this year feels different to you. This year feels…hard....

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