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Does Our Quiet Time Have to be Quiet?

While we can’t completely control our circumstances, we should do what we can to intentionally create a daily time that stills the noises and distractions of our lives, to build a...

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Needed and Needy

See, I need Him like I need sleep, showers, food, and friends. I need His love, grace, joy, peace, forgiveness, and help more, the more I’m needed!Yet, motherhood often interrupts...

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One Thing is Necessary

Busy is good but it is not best. If your schedule seems lacking and you feel guilty, before becoming frustrated or filling it with more activities from church, work, or...

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Rhythms Amidst the Reindeer

Jesus set a wonderful example of prioritizing rest throughout His entire life on Earth. I love this verse in John because it simply and overtly highlights an important “call and...

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How Discipline Helps Our Relationship with Jesus

Discipline brings us rest and peace. When we train ourselves for godliness as 1 Timothy promises, we will experience benefits in this life and in the next. If we’ve been...

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Quiet Time Seasons

I’ve had daily time with Jesus as a daughter and now as a mother; in loneliness and while surrounded by children. In both grief and joy, failure and success, I’ve...

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Wholehearted Trust

On many occasions, I have defined trust as outward confidence- a form of boldness. Similar to the “leap of faith” often identified as an obedient response to God’s word. But...

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Where Shall I Go to Meet with God?

Because God is everywhere, finding a place to meet with Him for a time of Scripture reading and prayer is not dependent on the location. But creating a consistent and...

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10 Reasons to Have a Quiet Time

Having a regular quiet time is hard. It’s hard for a variety of reasons from busyness, to kids, to straight-up spiritual opposition. It’s normal for us to go through seasons...

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