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The Fruit of Long Faithfulness

Sometimes I thought I couldn’t bear another moment of the sanctification that came from seeing my sin and weakness exposed day after day through mothering. However: I couldn’t shake the...

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Beautiful Desperation

Constant suffering will do one of two things: it will either cause one to become resentful and bitter, possibly blaming God, or it will cause a deeper desperation and faith...

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Cultivating a Hunger for God’s Word

We too are hungry. We too have growling bellies demanding to be filled. So we do. We fill them with whatever we can think of to gain momentary relief and...

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Imitating Christ in Our Quiet Time

We see this practice begin to develop even in Jesus’ boyhood. After days of separation from his family, he tells his frantic, worried mother, “Did you not know I must be...

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Reading Scripture Through the Year

Part of the struggle of choosing a Bible reading plan is deciding what we want to read that year. The other part of the struggle is the looming fear that...

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What If Our Quiet Time Was… Fun?

What word comes to mind when you think about spiritual disciplines?Is it FUN?Probably not.We tend to think that fun is incompatible with spiritual growth, but what if the opposite is...

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Being Faithful in Your Quiet Time

One of the main reasons we struggle with having a quiet time is that it is often unenjoyable. Prayer can feel monotonous, Scripture can seem dull, and worship can feel...

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What is the long-term goal for having quiet time?

As a society, we have caught on to the notion that if we want to make positive changes in our life, and create habits that stick, we need to know...

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