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What is the long-term goal for having quiet time?

What is the long-term goal for having quiet time?

Why pursue godliness?
Jordan Sparnroft

When I ask my daughter to clean up a mess or to help me around the house, like most parents I am met with the question of ‘Why Mama?’ I rarely get frustrated with her for asking this question because I know it is helpful to be reminded of why we do things. When we know our ‘why’ it sparks inspiration and motivation to complete the task. 

As a society, we have caught on to the notion that if we want to make positive changes in our life, and create habits that stick, we need to know our ‘why’. Why do we want to lose weight? Why do we want to create a chore chart for our children? Why do we want to start reading more instead of scrolling our phones? Having a long-term goal and being reminded of that goal, keeps us pursuing the good habits and breaking the bad habits in the battle against complacency. 

Why is it Wholehearted’s mission to encourage Christ-followers to create a grace-based habit of having a daily quiet time with Jesus? The quick answer is simple: to know God and to be made more like Him. If we look at this quick and simple answer we need to dig deeper with another question of ‘why’, “Why do we want to know God and be made more like Him?” The answer to this question lies in 1 Timothy 4:7-10. 

Paul begins by telling Timothy to train for godliness, Paul goes on to tell Timothy why (the long-term goal) he should do so.
“...godliness is of value IN EVERY WAY, as it holds promise for the present life AND ALSO for the life to come.”
Paul concludes by saying that we can trust and fully accept that we will reap value in pursuing godliness in the life to come because “...we have our hope set on the living God, who is the Savior of ALL people.”

As morbid as it is, we need to be reminded that we are going to die; our time here on Earth will end. Are we investing what tiny bit of time we have here on earth pursuing the living God knowing that treasures await us in Heaven? Or are we spending our time on Earth in vain chasing and pursuing things that will die?
We need to be reminded that our hope is not found in Pinterest-worthy houses, well-behaved children, capsule wardrobes, or a perfectly budgeted bank account but in the living God. I want to be sure that I am investing time each day staring at this living God who I was created to reflect and with whom I will be spending eternity.


  1. This life will end and eternity awaits with your Savior. 
  2. Spend time with your Creator. You were made to reflect Him!
  3. Our hope lies only in the LIVING GOD not in the things that are passing away.


Lives in historic central Virginia with her husband and daughter. She is a first grade teacher at a Christian school, and loves early mornings and spending time with her family.

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