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Phylicia Masonheimer

"I love the design of the Quiet Time Companion and I think it's going to bless so many who want to go deeper in their faith & feel equipped to study the Bible on their own!"

Hunter Beles

"I love the Quiet Time Companion because it enables me to keep everything I need in one beautiful accessible place."

Bethany Beal from Girldefined

"I am so in love with the new Quiet Time Companion. What a beautiful way to encourage ladies stay consistent with their quiet times. Everything about the QTC makes me want to open up my bible and dig into God' s Word. It's stunning. I love it!"

Abbie from M.is.for.Mama

"I love the intuitive design and clean layout. Such a great addition to an quiet time routine!"

Heather Cofer

"The Quiet Time Companion is such an amazing 'all-in-one' tool for being intentional in your time with the Lord. It has just enough structure to be helpful, and just enough flexibility so that it can be tailored to what you're studying and how you're studying."

Lindsay Griswold

"The Quiet Time Companion has been an essential tool for my time with the Lord. I love that I can see everything in one place - sermon notes, favourite quotes, Bible Notes, a Bible reading plan, and goals. I love looking back through my journals and seeing what God taught me over the year."

Elisa White

"I am a naturally a very excitable and eager person, which sometimes means it's hard for me to stay focused and prioritise tasks. Since getting my first QTC about a year and a half ago, I've gone from seeing Quiet Time as a one of these bothersome tasks, toa joy-filled, grounding and restful part of my day!"