Quiet Time Accessories Set

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Each set includes:

    • A Journal Prompt Sticker Book
      A sticker book filled with 200 carefully curated journaling prompts, sized to fit on the pages of your Quiet Time Companion

    • A Prayer Prompt Sticker Book
      A sticker book filled with 200 prompts to use during your prayer time! Sized to fit on the pages of your Quiet Time Companion
    • A Quiet Time Page Pack
      A pre-printed set of pages to help you plan your month, track habits, pray through Scripture, record giving, etc.

    • A Scripture Memory Bookmark Set
      Overcome anxiety by meditating on the character of Jesus! Get 10 bookmarks with 10 verses to memorize
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    Hear what people are saying about the Quiet Time Companion

    New to having a quiet time?

    Start with the basics

    Step One: Evaluate

    Evaluate where you are right now. How often do you spend time praying and reading God's Word? Take an honest look at your daily rhythms and at what might be keeping you from the presence of Jesus.

    Step Two: Plan

    It's time to make a plan. Nothing will change if you don't try! Decide now when you want to meet with God every day, where, and what exactly you will do during that time. We recommend writing this plan down.

    Step Three: Gather & Begin

    Gather what you need to succeed. You'll require a Bible, of course, and then we recommend using a journal (like the Quiet Time Companion) to keep you organized and to help guide your reflections and prayers.

    Want to dive deeper?

    "Quiet: Creating Grace-Based Rhythms for Spending Time with Jesus" by Naomi Vacaro was written for the everyday woman who is struggling to read her Bible and pray. If you're looking for practical help, relatable stories, and a fresh perspective on daily devotions, then start reading "Quiet"

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    the only journal you'll need

    For Bible Reading and Prayer

    The Quiet Time Companion is for the follower of Jesus who is ready to spend more consistent, organized, and enjoyable time in His presence.

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