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Phylicia Masonheimer

"I love the design of the Quiet Time Companion and I think it's going to bless so many who want to go deeper in their faith & feel equipped to study the Bible on their own!"

Hunter Beless

"I love the Quiet Time Companion because it enables me to keep everything I need in one beautiful accessible place."

Bethany Beal

"I am so in love with the new Quiet Time Companion. What a beautiful way to encourage ladies stay consistent with their quiet times. Everything about the QTC makes me want to open up my bible and dig into God' s Word. It's stunning. I love it!"

abbie halberstadt

"I love the intuitive design and clean layout. Such a great addition to a quiet time routine!"

Mikella Van Dyke

The Quiet Time Companion helps me to gather my thoughts in such a clear, organized way. It is the most beautiful, yet practical journal that I will cherish for years to come.

Emma Rose

I love how simple and easy the quiet time companion makes my quiet time. Everything is laid out in such a way you never have to second guess yourself if you are doing it wrong. This journal has truly been such a spiritual help to me in staying consistent in my own quiet time with the Lord and if I could buy everyone a quiet time companion I would! That’s how much it means to me.