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Blossoming Beyond Doubt

Nurturing Faith Through Surrender By Brittany Lister With the promise of springtime, I am reminded of the undeniable evidence of God’s handiwork all around me. The beauty of creation itself...

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Rainy Days: Leaning into Lent for Spiritual Growth

Loving the Rainy Season: the Settling, Softening, and Blessing of Lent By Danielle Hitchen “I hate rainy days,” my oldest mumbles from the backseat on the way to school. She’s...

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The Love of Christ Compels Us

Through our work, we can push back the darkness.By: Rachel Marie Kang There I was, just sitting and sinking cozy into my bed while holding my newborn. I didn’t want...

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The Father's Heart for Single Women

God's goodness is not determined by whether or not He grants us what we desire.  By: Lauren Bowerman “Just wait,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. “Once you’re content...

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His Love Upholds Us

Lessons from Psalm 42 By Katie Gutierrez Has sorrow been your constant friend?  Have tears become your daily bread?  Do you hear voices in your head Saying, “where is your...

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My Biggest Mistake as a Newlywed

How Personal Quiet Time Protects Our Marriages By: Naomi Vacaro If you’re married, you know that a relationship with a spouse is unlike any other relationship on earth. There’s nothing...

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Worship in Winters of the Soul

Three Ways Singing Draws Us Into the Warmth of God's Presence By: Caroline Cobb As a native Texan, I have not lived through many real winters: snow blanketing the landscape...

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Don't Let Your Love Grow Cold

Staying Spiritually Warm in the Winter Months By: Stephanie Gray Connors My Canadian body has so totally adjusted to living in Florida for the past three years that I consider...

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When All Seems Dead Inside and Out By: Vanessa Bonilla Winter in NYC is hard. The trees are bare, the sun bows out by half past 4, and the cold...

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