Holier Than Thou: How God’s Holiness Helps Us Trust Him

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By Jackie Hill Perry 
Reviewed by Danielle Dammeyer 

If you’re anything like me, God’s holiness is not an attribute that is easy to meditate on. We're more likely to meditate on His goodness or omniscience. Holiness is something that is known about Him, but it isn’t necessarily understood or loved. In her book, Holier Than Thou: How God’s Holiness Helps Us Trust Him, Jackie Hill Perry pursues a working definition of God’s holiness. What does it really mean that God is holy? How does that change the way that we relate to Him? 
There are several other attributes of God that flow from His holiness, and Perry addresses several: 
-God’s moral perfection 
- His justice 
-His beauty 
-God’s transcendence 
Jackie Hill Perry’s overall argument is that although God’s holiness sets Him apart from us, He has revealed Himself to us as a personal God. Because He is holy, He cannot lie and we can trust Him for every single promise, revelation, and claim we find in His Word. 

My Thoughts 
Being familiar with Jackie Hill Perry’s writing and speaking style, I knew this book would be an enjoyable read. I was not disappointed. Perry has a unique way of making analogies and using words to create beautiful declarations.
While Perry’s other well-known book,
Gay Girl Good God, was a quick read as it was more of a memoir, Holier Than Thou is more theological observation and isn’t as breezy of a read. 
This book is great if you are interested in more academic theology, but you don’t want to begin by trudging your way through A. W. Tozer’s work on holiness.
I would recommend this book if you have been a believer for a substantial amount of time and find yourself in a dry season. Sometimes, the best remedy for such dryness
is to dive deeper into the character of the God you’ve given your life to.
I also
recommend this book if you have found yourself struggling with doubt of any kind. Come, and find Him trustworthy as Jackie Hill Perry cleverly presents you with the evidence.


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