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Breathing Fresh Life Into Old Routines

In "Three Ways to Inspire Your Quiet Time" Erica Hunt offers practical advice for enriching personal devotion and Bible study by spending time in nature to witness God's glory and...

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Desire is Not Required

I’m learning to make my time with Him more about Him and how He wants to speak to me and less about my preferences and feelings. I’m learning to not...

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What I Bring to My Quiet Time

Recently, my daughter gave him a directive and when he began to negotiate, she said he should obey her. He responded, “I don’t want to obey. Mommy—you obey me!” Isn’t that...

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The Value of Older Women

As I’ve gotten to know the godly women in my life, I’m always drawn to greater depths of awe and wonder at the goodness of Jesus and the glory of...

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Conditions of the Heart

Scripture is known for using many agricultural references to communicate ideas of the Kingdom. Unfortunately, all I can associate agriculture with is death. Even more unfortunately death does have a...

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Imitating Christ in Our Quiet Time

We see this practice begin to develop even in Jesus’ boyhood. After days of separation from his family, he tells his frantic, worried mother, “Did you not know I must be...

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My Journey of Love

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. John 15:13 (NIV)When Jesus called my heart to follow him, I began to understand how much...

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Leaning In v. Pulling Away

If you’re in a relationship, this probably doesn’t sound very foreign to you. Conflict, hard feelings, and misunderstandings are natural parts of relationships.My husband and I have been joyfully married...

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Should Quiet Time be a Habit?

If I didn’t make good oral hygiene a habit, over time I would likely develop gum disease, costly dental bills, and possibly even lose my teeth. If I didn’t take...

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