How to Get the Most from Your Colossians Guide

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In an age saturated with information, where countless resources vie for our attention, doing a deep dive into Scripture can sometimes feel overwhelming. Here at Wholehearted, our passion has always been to help believers engage with the Word of God in a way that fosters greater Biblical literacy and genuine transformation. Instead of spoon-feeding interpretations or overcrowding with excessive commentary, we yearned to craft a tool that places the Bible-hungry believer right at the heart of their study, empowering them to delve deep and draw out the treasures in Scripture for themselves.

This Colossians guide is not just another resource; it represents a distinct philosophy of Bible study. With our emphasis on a learner-led approach and the presentation of the text as a cohesive letter, we encourage you to embark on a journey of personal discovery, to question, reflect, and draw close to God’s heart through the words of Paul to the Colossians.

Join us as we dig for treasure in Paul's letter to the Colossians! And if you already own a guide, then here is how you can get the most out of your journey.

Before You Start

 1. Gather Your Tools. Every traveler needs to equip themselves with the proper items for their journey! And to venture through Colossians you'll need or may like to have the following:

2. Choose a Time and Place. Find a quiet and comfortable spot where you can focus, free from interruptions. Choose an hour here or there in your schedule to dedicate solely to studying Colossians.

3. Spend Time in Prayer. Before you dive into the text, spend a few moments in prayer. Ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate your understanding and highlight insights applicable to you and your season.

4. Decide to have an Open Mind. While it's beneficial to have theological frameworks, approach each study session with an open mind, allowing Scripture to challenge, correct, or affirm your beliefs.



On the Journey

1. Keep Your Pacing Flexible. Dive into your Colossians study with enthusiasm, but remember: it's not a race. One of the beauties of the Wholehearted Study Guide is its adaptability to your unique schedule and spiritual rhythm. While the guide offers a framework for a 10-week journey, there's no strict timetable you need to adhere to.

2. Stretch Your Study Muscles. As with any exercise, strengthening your spiritual muscles requires consistent effort and, occasionally, pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. The learner-led approach, coupled with the Inductive Q&A Method, challenges you to think, question, and delve deep.

  • Go slowly through the assigned text, and make as many observations as you can even if they feel silly to you. 
  • Explore anything that confuses or interests you. Use "who, what, when, where, and why" to start your questions. For example, "Who is Paul?" "What does this word mean in Greek?" "When did the event referred to here happen?" "Where else does Paul talk about this?" "Why did he phrase it in that way?"
  • When looking for answers to your questions, search as high and low as you would like and then call it good. You can't read every commentary and look up every word! It's ok to even leave some questions unanswered. After all, studying the Bible is a lifelong journey!

3. Go Easy on Yourself. Perfectionism has no place in personal Bible study. The pages of your Wholehearted Study Guide are spaces for exploration, not a test of your spiritual prowess. There's freedom in blank pages. Remember, the goal is connection with God and personal transformation. If one day all you do is soak in the scripture without jotting down a single note, that's perfectly okay.

The Desired Destination 

The main goal of using this study guide is simple: to strengthen your connection with God, better grasp the teachings in Paul's letter, and let these lessons influence your everyday life. True Bible study isn't just about knowledge acquisition but about heart transformation. As the Word of God seeps into our hearts, it brings about change from the inside out.

With this ultimate goal in mind, here are some final tips for getting the most out of your guide: 

1. Share You Insights with Others: Talking about what you've learned not only reinforces your understanding but can also be a source of encouragement to others. Start conversations with friends, family, or your study group about the revelations you've had.

2. Memorize Key Verses: Committing scripture to memory ensures that its truths are always with you, ready to guide, comfort, or challenge you as the situation demands. Pick a few verses from Colossians that resonate deeply and make it a goal to memorize them (we provide space in the guide at the end of each week for you to do this).

3. Engage in Creative Expression: If you're artistically inclined, express your insights through art, music, poetry, or journaling. Go on a walk as you listen to Colossians on your Bible app. Memorize verses from Colossians to music (here's a resource for that!) Or paint your insights using certain colors for key themes. Such expressions can enhance your study in profound and personal ways.


Navigating the Bible can be tricky with so many resources out there. That's why we made the Wholehearted Colossians Study Guide. Think of it as your companion on your treasure hunt through Paul's letter to the Colossians. And remember: it's not just about reading and studying; it's about growing and changing.

Every observation, reflection, and revelation you glean will be an opportunity to draw close to God's heart. As you utilize the strategies and tips shared in this post, we hope you'll experience the scriptures in a renewed and enriching way. The Word is alive, waiting to speak to you! Happy studying, friends.


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