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Two Major Motivations for Regular Quiet Time

At this point in the year, perhaps you’re starting to lose the motivation to keep your New Year’s resolutions. Maybe your goal for 2023 of having regular quiet time doesn’t...

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No More New Year’s Resolutions for Me!

Rather than making resolutions I can’t keep, I’ve learned to set goals that line up with the word of God. The Bible is full of guidelines for how we’re to...

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A Three-Step Process for Forming Resolutions

As a newlywed, 2022 already flooded my life with new things and I feel quite full to the brim with the amount of new that I can take in for 2023! Our...

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Small Ambitions

Ambitions and goals are good and even necessary to our lives. They can give us purpose and practical direction. Spiritual disciplines are how we grow as believers. But our goals...

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Tips for Making a Resolution That You’ll Actually Keep

Our society collectively welcomes the annual landmark of a new year as a chance to have a universal “restart”. Things somehow seem easier to start on January 1st than they...

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Reading Scripture Through the Year

Part of the struggle of choosing a Bible reading plan is deciding what we want to read that year. The other part of the struggle is the looming fear that...

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What’s so hard about having a quiet time?

It’s hard to have a quiet time in the morning—before school, before exercising, before work, before the kids, before the alarm, before my husband gets up…It’s hard to have a...

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What is the long-term goal for having quiet time?

As a society, we have caught on to the notion that if we want to make positive changes in our life, and create habits that stick, we need to know...

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What First Inspired Me to Have a Quiet Time

I could write out a few tips that may give you a small level of desire and inspiration to spend time with Jesus, but unless you see that your life...

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