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Desire is Not Required

I’m learning to make my time with Him more about Him and how He wants to speak to me and less about my preferences and feelings. I’m learning to not...

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Quiet time and My Emotions

So, is there any place for my emotions in my relationship with Jesus? I’ve learned three things about emotions and where they rightly fit in my relationship with Jesus. 

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My Journey of Love

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. John 15:13 (NIV)When Jesus called my heart to follow him, I began to understand how much...

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Giving Thanks When You Want to Complain

We transform our words when we transform our thoughts by remembering the truth of the gospel. When I am tempted to complain about my circumstances, the Lord teaches me to...

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Is Reading the Bible, Legalism?

It is as difficult to identify false motivations as it is easy to find reasons not to be disciplined. In both rule-keeping and rule-breaking, we’re focusing on actions and avoiding...

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Drowning in Our Disciplines

Our discipline should be driven by our desire to obey, be near, and become like our beautiful Jesus.  But sometimes, we can be motivated by pride or even fear. We find ourselves...

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What is the long-term goal for having quiet time?

As a society, we have caught on to the notion that if we want to make positive changes in our life, and create habits that stick, we need to know...

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Quiet Time Seasons

I’ve had daily time with Jesus as a daughter and now as a mother; in loneliness and while surrounded by children. In both grief and joy, failure and success, I’ve...

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Going Through the Motions

Recently, I caught myself filling in the sections of my Quiet Time Companion without really paying attention to what I was doing. I closed the journal—done. I hadn’t waited for...

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