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My Biggest Mistake as a Newlywed

How Personal Quiet Time Protects Our Marriages By: Naomi Vacaro If you’re married, you know that a relationship with a spouse is unlike any other relationship on earth. There’s nothing...

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Leaning In v. Pulling Away

If you’re in a relationship, this probably doesn’t sound very foreign to you. Conflict, hard feelings, and misunderstandings are natural parts of relationships.My husband and I have been joyfully married...

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Coming back to Your First Love

One of the reasons why I think my parents have had such a strong and healthy marriage all these years is because they have always put Jesus first. And part...

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How Quiet Time Can Make a Marriage Strong

What if your spouse is not a Christian or your marriage is barely surviving in this season? Can quiet time be a tool used to strengthen your marriage? While daily quiet time...

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How to Support Your Husband’s Quiet Time

My husband heard the Gospel and believed in Jesus. He has proven genuine faith by faithfully living out the Gospel he’s heard. He shows his genuine love for Jesus through...

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