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The Rest of the Story

The Rest of the Story

Living in the In-Between of Christ’s Comings
Erica Hunt

Paul Harvey was a radio broadcaster who had a little segment called “The Rest of the Story”. Harvey would tell an obscure story or details about the background of a famous person or event and at the end of the show reveal the person or event and explain the significance. Then he would close with the famous line “And now you know, the rest of the story.”
As silly as it may sound, I was struck anew this Advent season by the “rest of the story” of Christmas. Yes, we know the story of when Jesus came for the first time, but Christians today find themselves at a strange in-between. According to the Bible, we are still in the middle of the Christmas story. 
Jesus is the Word of God made flesh: tangible, present, and true. He came to live with mankind to fulfill the promises of God. Promises that were made from the very beginning of creation when the first man and woman disobeyed their Creator. Promises that one day, God would dwell with His people again! But it would not be the people who made that happen, it would be God’s own precious Son.
Jesus, the Mighty God, laid aside his power, his glory, and his throne, and became a man who lived with the humans He created. People who were dirty, poor, sick, hurting, greedy, and would one day demand his innocent life. He came to renew the broken relationship, but at a high cost. He gave His own precious life in exchange for His people to be with Him and His Father again. Death did not have the final word; the authority and power he had over death were not contained by his earthly body. He rose from the dead and brought forth the hope of eternal life for those who believe in Him. The Word walked the world but had to return to His father. He ascended into Heaven. But as He left, He promised a Helper and His own return. 
And this brings us to us today. It is easy to live in the deception that the story of God’s work on earth is over. We know the end of the all too familiar story and can relax in our holly-jolly, gift-giving, festivities. But the reality is that the Earth sits on the verge of another Christmas, without its’ King. His citizens still long for his return. We who seek Jesus, celebrate Christmas and the joys of the season with an aching in our hearts knowing our joy is not complete.
Yet, while we wait, with groaning, tears, and pain for this promise to be completed, we have the Word. We cannot hold the flesh now, and we cannot be with Him physically, but we have His Word to hold and hide in our hearts. The Bible's whispers of love, mercy, and encouragement; made alive through the work of the Helper, the Holy Spirit.
We see His glory revealed to us through the Bible and his work throughout history. Many bear witness and testimony to His promises and here at Christmas time, we take the time to stop and look at the work He is doing in our own lives.

This in-between is uncomfortable. Long has man been living in expectation of Christ’s coming. We are not alone as we wait to join the ranks of believers who have gone before us. Do not grow weary as you await the rest of the story! Celebrate and enjoy the Christmas season! Let’s prepare our hearts for the day we will celebrate with Him, in His home, where we will listen to the Word, and He will tell us the rest of His story.

  Erica Hunt lives with her husband, Justin, in South Dakota. She teaches middle school and loves traveling, collecting quotes, learning fun facts and historical information, drinking coffee, eating ice cream, and enjoying good conversations with friends.

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  • Linda Olsen
    Linda OlsenDecember 22, 2022

    Love this! You put into beautiful words what I’ve been thinking Erica.

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