Reviving a Weary Heart

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When Quiet Time Feels Tiring
Erica Hunt

Over our lives, we experience many different seasons in our relationship with God. There are times when it is non-existent, or just beginning to take shape. There are other times when we are so hungry for God’s Word, we are constantly going back to Scripture to see more of God. And other times, we face a time of drought or weariness when we are entering our quiet time out of obligation or habit, but do not feel that our soul is being renewed. Our prayers begin to sound repetitive, and we begin to wonder if God has forgotten us, if our faith is enough, or if He cares about our problems.
How do we approach our quiet time when we are drowning under the weight of grief, sorrow, uncertainty, fear, and responsibilities? How are we supposed to fellowship with our Creator, when we feel as if He is not listening or even showing up?

We remember God is God
No matter what our hearts may be feeling or experiencing, the fact that God is God does not change. He is sovereign and he knows our pain. Our hearts will mislead us into thinking that God does not care about our pain or our weariness, but the Bible tells us differently. God is aware of and knows the depths of our hearts. And not only of His people, but He knows and cares for all of His creation. We see this displayed in the book of Job. God knows Job’s heart and condition but also reminds Job that He knows his creation and how it works, He holds all things in their place and will until He commands time to stop. God does not neglect his Creation, He knows all, he sees clearly, and He will always act perfectly because He is God.

We remember His Word is True
When these lies against God's character come, we are quick to turn to our friends or phones to validate these lies or feelings. But it is God’s Word that tells us who God is and how we should relate to Him. Do not be tempted to let your weary heart determine your conclusions about God. Do not allow your circumstances or those around you to mislead you into a false conception of Him. Unless it is godly, biblical council, it will not benefit you. God’s word is true regardless of our feelings and circumstances. Only His Word is going to set your mind and heart on what is true of God, and then your actions will follow reality instead of wandering after confusion.

Remember He Still Wants You to Come to Him
Weary hearts can cause us to give up. When we come to God with the same requests and desires, over and over, we can begin to think that He must not want to hear our problems, or that we are bothering Him. When this thinking begins, it becomes easier to neglect meeting with God and reading his word. Just because we feel hurt and rejected by God does not change who He is and who we are. He is God, the creator of all the world. We are his creation, created and purposed for this time and place. Our weariness really points to our human need that we are utterly dependent on our Source of life. Jesus tells his followers in Matthew 11:28 “Come to Me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (NASB) This a standing invitation! The cure for our weary hearts is coming to Christ. He will give us rest.

If your heart is weary and tired, and you think that God is too busy for you, remember that this is a lie! His Word is our comfort and truth. What his Word says is true: God loves you and desires to be near to you in your weariness. Regardless of how weary your heart might be. Your circumstances do not change God’s character or who you are to Him. Find comfort in His word, taking your time to soak in the simple truths. Share your burden with him, and with godly friends who will encourage and pray for you. You may be surprised that once share the burden of a weary heart with others, you are not alone in your weariness. This is a common malady that is easier to bear with good and godly friends.

But what if we are weary of Him? What if we’ve come before God time and time again, and our hearts are not being renewed, our prayers are not answered, and our pain lingers? This may be hard to hear, but weary hearts can deceive us into thinking the problem is God, and not us. If you are serious about being in right relationship with God, it may be time to truly examine your life and be very honest with God about the state of your heart. Are you harboring sin? Are you relying on the things you are doing for God? Are you expecting or even demanding God to act in ways that are not in line with His character? 
If we are coming to God, in a posture of submission to who he is, and a belief that His Word is true, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we will begin to see the source of our weary hearts. 

Come to Me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls” (Matthew 11:28-29, NASB).

  Erica Hunt lives with her husband, Justin, in South Dakota. She teaches middle school and loves traveling, collecting quotes, learning fun facts and historical information, drinking coffee, eating ice cream and enjoying good conversation with friends.
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  • Such a good word Erica thank you. I need to be reminded not to place expectations on God and ask him to open my eyes and draw me closer.

    Nicole Schrader on

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