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Desire is Not Required

I’m learning to make my time with Him more about Him and how He wants to speak to me and less about my preferences and feelings. I’m learning to not...

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You don’t need to read through an entire book of the Bible or pray for 30 minutes straight in order to have a worthwhile quiet time. Just come, friends. Be...

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The Overlooked

When I read these two accounts, I connected so deeply to them. Similar to the demon-possessed man I was being tormented by my failures. Tormented by the lies that I...

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Awaiting Motherhood

I have spent six years battling infertility. There have been many doctor’s appointments, procedures, surgeries, tests, and tears. I have had to work through an assortment of difficult emotions: anger,...

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The Fruit of Long Faithfulness

Sometimes I thought I couldn’t bear another moment of the sanctification that came from seeing my sin and weakness exposed day after day through mothering. However: I couldn’t shake the...

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Needed and Needy

See, I need Him like I need sleep, showers, food, and friends. I need His love, grace, joy, peace, forgiveness, and help more, the more I’m needed!Yet, motherhood often interrupts...

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Motherhood is Hard and Glorious

Therefore, since we have this ministry because we were shown mercy, we do not give up. (2 Corinthians 4:1 CSB) Sharing the love of Christ, speaking His words to them, and...

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Beautiful Desperation

Constant suffering will do one of two things: it will either cause one to become resentful and bitter, possibly blaming God, or it will cause a deeper desperation and faith...

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Reviving a Weary Heart

When these lies against God's character come, we are quick to turn to our friends or phones to validate these lies or feelings. But it is God’s Word that tells...

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