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Five Practical Ways to Express Gratitude to God

How to Cultivate a Grateful Heart By Miranda Ewing A few weeks ago, my one-year-old son ran the highest fever he’s ever had. My husband and I nervously passed our...

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A Look Inside the Quiet Time Companion

We believe that spending time with Jesus is the most important part of our day. We believe that Bible reading and prayer, with the help of the Holy Spirit, deepens...

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Enriching Quiet Time Through Art

By Tiffany Layton There are two areas I’ve spent the majority of my life learning: the arts and quiet time with Jesus. As far back as I can remember, I...

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Prayer as Love

Intercessory Prayer and the Community of God By: Nicole Schrader Prayer. As a kid, I stared up at the ceiling above my bed and talked to God. I had no...

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Digital Detox

The article "Reconnecting with God in November" by Grace McCready discusses the concept of a digital detox and its impact on spiritual health, particularly for Christians. It highlights that disconnecting...

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Enduring in our Quiet Time

Inevitable hard seasons can disrupt our routines and challenge our spiritual well-being, often leading us to neglect our precious time with the Lord. Yet, it's during these challenging times that...

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Breathing Fresh Life Into Old Routines

In "Three Ways to Inspire Your Quiet Time" Erica Hunt offers practical advice for enriching personal devotion and Bible study by spending time in nature to witness God's glory and...

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Desire is Not Required

I’m learning to make my time with Him more about Him and how He wants to speak to me and less about my preferences and feelings. I’m learning to not...

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Does Our Quiet Time Have to be Quiet?

While we can’t completely control our circumstances, we should do what we can to intentionally create a daily time that stills the noises and distractions of our lives, to build a...

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